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 assistance for your business ...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With many years of experience and based on valuable worldwide contacts we continue to be an efficient, motivated and fair partner for you and international clients !

We observe and adhere to a strict "no upfront" basis and render our consultancy or services on a success basis only.

Please take note of our 2023 activities and business lines:

  • Acquisition, Leasing, Renovation & Sales in Arizona, USA and nationwide / international real estate (homes & lots) 

  • Development of local / international commercial & humanitarian projects

  • Consultancy and finance of projects, incl. Joint Ventures

  • Sponsoring of humanitarian projects

  • Small orphanage in the Philippines & Foster Plans

Registration Date:     August 2nd, 2004.

Co. Reg. N° (CID):      2004-000471463

Employer's ID (EIN):  20-xxxxx01

Bank:                          U.S. bank N.A.

                                    Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Tax Advisor:              MHP McGee, Hearne & Paiz, LLP
                                   Cheyenne, WY 82003, USA

Address:                    9831 W Branding Iron Dr,
                                    Sun City, AZ 85351, USA

Reg. Address:           1712 Pioneer Ave., Ste. 101

                                   Cheyenne, WY 82001, USA

Fax:                          +1-307-460-7218